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ICCL Summer School 2010  -  Cultural Program  -  Summer School Dinner at Schloss Eckberg

Eckberg Castle
Eckberg Castle


Date:   Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steps of the event

How to get there

Please take tram 3 (direction 'Wilder Mann') to 'Albertplatz' and change to tram 11 (direction 'Bühlau') leaving at 'Elbschlösser'. Then just walk up the street some meters and there you are.


18.45 meeting at Schloss Eckberg
19.00 reception with sparkling wine, water or juice
20.00 having dinner

The Meal

The meal will be for free, but you will have to pay all drinks you have with it.

Here you can find the menu.

We ask all vegetarians or people holding any special diet to inform us in advance.

Additional information

As we will have dinner in an exclusive restaurant, we recommend to wear smart casual attire.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Julia Koppenhagen.