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International MSc Program in Computational Logic

Student presenting her course work
Student presenting her course work
For Current Students

Winter Term 2015/16

There will be an INTRODUCTORY WEEK from October 5 to 9, 2015. Please find the latest timetable of that week as a PDF file here.

The city tour on Friday takes place at 1pm. It starts at the tram station Pragerstraße, there will be English-speaking guides.

last updated Wed, 11 Nov 15

last updated Thu, 29 Oct 15

Summer Term 2015

last updated Fri, 27 Mar 15

last updated Fri, 27 Mar 15


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Slides "Soft Skills": Introductions to research papers, research talks (part 1, part 2), LaTeX, TikZ and GIT, beamers
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