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Courses in Summer Term 2015  -  Foundations of Databases and Query Languages

Course title:   Foundations of Databases and Query Languages

Lecturer:   Dr. Markus Krötzsch


Status:   advanced unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):   2/2/0

Examination method:   to be announced


Course description:

Databases are a key technology in computer science that brings together fascinating theoretical topics and highly relevant practical applications. The goal of this lecture is to give an extended introduction to this interesting field, with a special focus on database query languages, their expressive power, and computational complexity. The lecture will introduce the relational datamodel, and then discuss theoretical and practical aspects of a variety of query languages:

The lecture focuses on core principles that apply to many types of databases alike (relational, graph-based, semantic web). Some important query answering algorithms are presented, too, but otherwise the details of database implementation and administration are not covered.

Additional information: