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Courses in Summer Term 2015  -  Semantic Search: Algorithms and Applications

Course title:   Integrated Logic Systems Part II - Semantic Search: Algorithms and Applications

Lecturer:   Prof. Michael Schroeder

Module:   MCL-ILS

Status:   basic unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):   2/2/0

Examination method:   written examination

Prerequisites:   none

Course description:

The course meets the demand for practice-oriented subjects in the curriculum. By means of selected examples it will give an insight to various issues of how logic can be used in real world applications.

Students will learn how link rules and reasoning with the web, databases, and distributed computing. Students will be introduced to the ideas underlying the semantic web including formats such as ontologies, XML, RDF, OWL. All techniques will be motivated with examples from bioinformatics, which provides a rich set of online data sources and problems amenable to semantic web technologies.


Additional information: