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Courses in Summer Term 2015  -  SAT-Solving

Course title:   SAT-Solving

Lecturer:   Prof. Steffen Hölldobler

Module:   MCL-KR, MCL-PI

Status:   advanced unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):   2/2/0

Examination method:   to be announced


Course Description:

The course is concerned with the satisfiability (SAT) problem in propositional logic. After an introduction to the problem I will discuss stochastic as well as systematic SAT solvers in detail. Thereafter, I will focus on implementation issues for systematic SAT solvers. Towards the end I will discuss combinations of stochastic and systematic solvers. The course concerns all issues from the logic and calculus level via the data structure and heuristics level up to the memory level.


Additional Information: