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Courses in Summer Term 2015  -  Security and Cryptography II

Course title:   Security and Cryptography II

Lecturer:   Dr. Stefan Köpsell

Module:   MCL-CSE

Status:   advanced unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):   2/2/0

Examination method:   oral examination


Course description:

This module gives a thorough introdcution to security and privacy in general. Its approach is practically oriented. Using a number of case studies security requirements and protection mechanisms are discussed. The focus is on business applications. We start by discussing security in web services and web applications, the foundations of modern software development. Then we discuss security and privacy in a number of use case from business practice. The uses cases include supply chain execution, supply chain planning and cloud computing (software-as-a-service).

Modern cryptography offers a variety of new mechanisms to ensure confidentiality and integrity in novel application scenarios. We start by introducing, analyzing and discussing them. Topics include: Identity-based encryption, homomorphic encryption, differential privacy and secure computation. We will also discuss formal aspects of these mechanisms relating to provable security and analysis. Then we discuss their application in business practice of the use cases. Remaining vulnerabilities will be analyzed and eventually fixed.

Participants will be enabled to define, analyze and implement security and its mechanism in modern software applications. Particularly, the critical security mind set and the creative approach to security research will be promoted and demanded.

Additional information: