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Timetable in Summer Term 2015

Please note that this timetable is still liable to change.

     Monday          Tuesday       Wednesday     Thursday          Friday      
DS 1:
07.30 - 09.00
DS 2:
09.20 - 10.50
KRR (s) PSSAI (l) SA (l) FSWT (l)
DS 3:
11.10 - 12.40
FDB (l) PSSAI (t/p) SA (t) FSWT (t) TCS (s)
DS 4:
13.00 - 14.30
FSWT (t) DS (l/t) FDB (t)
DS 5:
14.50 - 16.20
SAT (t) GK AL (t) Open House
MAV (p)
DS 6:
16.40 - 18.10
ITPI (l) AL (l) STLV (s) AL (l)
DS 7:
18.30 - 20.00

Location:   In general the classes are held in INF E005. Only the classes written in italics are held as indicated in the Abbreviations.


AL Automata and Logic [Borchmann]
CBSE Component-based Software Engineering [Assmann] (tba)
DS Deduction Systems [Rudolph]
FCDS Foundations of Concurrent and Distributed Systems [Fetzer] (tba)
FDB Foundations of Databases and Query Languages [Krötzsch]
FSWT Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies [Rudolph]
ICCL Biweekly colloquium of the ICCL [ICCL professors]
ITPI Introduction to Theorem Proving with Isabelle/HOL [Peters]
IWA Internet and Web Applications [Schill] (tba)
KRR Knowledge Representation and Reasoning [Hölldobler]
MAV Lab Course Modelling and Automated Verification [Baier, Klüppelholz]
PSSAI Problem Solving and Search in AI [Gaggl]
SA Semantic Search: Algorithms and Applications [Schroeder] (in BIOTEC (Tatzberg 47/49, 01307 Dresden) lectures room 2.512, tutorials room E030)
SAT SAT Solving [Hölldobler] (tba)
SC2 Security and Cryptography II [Köpsell] (tba)
STLV Selected Topics in Logics and Verification [Baier, Klüppelholz]
TCS Theoretical Computer Science [Baader] (APB/3027)
WSN Wireless Sensor Networks [Dargie] (tba)
(l|t|s|p) Lecture, tutorial, seminar, and practical class, respectively
GK Talks within the DFG Research Training Group
Open House Students and lecturers meet for open discussions
Projects Students are invited to contact the supervisor of their project to arrange meetings

See the course assignments to the modules in an overview.

For questions concerning exams etc., please consult the web pages of the Service Center for International Students (SCIS)

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