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Timetable in Winter Term 2015/16

There will be an introductory week from October 5 to 9, 2015. Please find the latest timetable of that week here.

     Monday          Tuesday       Wednesday     Thursday          Friday      
DS 1:
07.30 - 09.00
FLP (t)* STLV (s) MAV (p)
DS 2:
09.20 - 10.50
IFCA (l) CT (t)
DS (t)
L/SCL (l) MC (l/t)
SC (l)
MC (l/t)
DS 3:
11.10 - 12.40
FCP (l/t) LPE (t) KRR (s) MC (l/t)
SC (t)
MC (l/t)
DS 4:
13.00 - 14.30
FLP (l)
TIS (l)
TIS (t)
CT (l) L/SCL (t)
MCC (l)
CT (l)
DS 5:
14.50 - 16.20
DPF (l)
DL (t)
DPF (t)
Open House
TCS (s)
L/SCL (t)
DS 6:
16.40 - 18.10
L/SCL (l) DL (l) PPAB (s) DL (l)
DS (l)
AA (s)
DS 7:
18.30 - 20.00
German* German  

Location:   In general the classes are held in room APB/E005. Only the classes written in italics are held as indicated in the Abbreviations.



AA Seminar Abstract Argumentation [Gaggl]
CT Complexity Theory [Borchmann, Krötzsch]
DL Description Logic [Turhan]
DPF Design Patterns and Frameworks [Aßmann] (lecture in APB/E023, tutorial in WIL/C129)
DS Distributed Systems [Schill] (lecture in SCH/0A01, tutorial in APB/E023)
FCP Foundations of Constraint Programming [Rudolph]
FLP Foundations of Logic Programming [Rudolph]
ICCL ICCL Colloquium [ICCL professors]
IFCA Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis [Rudolph]
KRR Knowledge Representation and Reasoning [Hölldobler]
L Logic [Hölldobler]
LPE LP Engineering [Klüppelholz] (APB/E069)
MAV Lab Course Modeling and Automated Verification [Klüppelholz]
MC Model Checking [Baier]
MCC Mobile Communication and Mobile Computing [Schill] (APB/E023)
PPAB Practical Planning for Angry Birds [Rudolph]
SC Security & Cryptography I [Strufe] (APB/E023)
SCL Science of CL [Hölldobler]
STLV Seminar Selected Topics in Logic and Verification [Baier]
TCS Theoretical Computer Science [Baader, Lippmann] (APB/3027)
TIS Transactional Information Systems [Lehner] (lecture in APB/E023, tutorial in APB/E001)
(l|t|s|p) Lecture, tutorial, seminar, and practical class, respectively
GK Talks within the DFG Research Training Group "QuantLA"
Project Students are invited to contact the supervisor of their project to arrange meetings
Open House Students and lecturers meet for open discussions

See the course assignments to the modules in an overview.

For questions concerning exams, defenses etc., please consult the web pages of the Service Center for International Students (SCIS)

To discuss questions concerning logic and computational logic, you may contact Prof. Hölldobler during his consultation hours mentioned on his homepage.

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