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Science of Computational Logic - Winter Term 2010/2011

This is the follow-up course to Logic.

We cover the areas of automated deduction and automated deduction systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic-based databases, program development, language design, semantics and verification methods, computational logic and machine learning, computational logic and natural language processing.


Course Materials

Additional Literatures


Homework is compulsory and counts for 10% of the final grade. The other 90% are determinated by the score of the oral exam. However, this is only true if you pass the exam on the first attempt. If you fail, your grade will be determined by the score of your second attempt solely.

We encourage you to solve the homework exercises in groups of up to three persons: each individual will get the same grade for any given homework assignment. Please hand the solutions to Steffen at Monday morning lectures and remember to put the names of everyone in the group on the solution sheet.

Have a look at the exercises as early as possible. The Open House on Wednesdays is an excellent opportunity to ask questions.


This course will be examined as a part within the Foundations exam. The form of the exam is oral.

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