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Logic - Winter Term 2014/2015

This course will introduce you to propositional logic and first-order predicate logic. After reviewing syntax and semantics, we will cover some basic concepts like normal forms, substitution, and unification. You will be introduced to proof procedures such as the resolution calculus and related concepts including soundness, completeness, and decidability.


Course Materials


Test Exams

We plan to run two test exams where participation is compulsory and results will count for 10% of the final grade.

The other 90% are determined by the score of the written exam.
However, this only holds if you pass the exam on the first attempt.
If you fail, your grade will solely be determined by the score of your second attempt.

Written Exam

This course will be examined as a part of the Foundations exam.
The Foundation exam consists of two separate exams:
a written examination for the course Logic and an oral examination for the course Science of Computational Logic.
The written exam will be on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 10:00.- in room ZEU/250/Z (Zeunerbau, Georg-Bährstrasse 3c).
It's building number 4 on the north side of the campus.
An entrance is at the south side, stairs up to the next floor, to the right (westwards) and round the corner. Here you are.
See also here.

Some remarks on the style of the written exam in logic:

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