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News and Events

EMCL Best Thesis Award 2014

Tobias Kaminski has obtained the Best Thesis Award of EMCL for the best master thesis in 2014. The two other candidates were Enrique Matos Alfonso and Andreas Fellner.

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German Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Dresden

KI 2015 is the 38th edition of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, which traditionally brings together academic and industrial researchers from all areas of AI, providing a premier forum for exchanging news and research results on theory and applications of intelligent system technology. The conference includes many workshops, a doctoral consortium, and is organized by members of the international center of computational logic (iccl.tu-dresden.de).
More details can be found at http://tu-dresden.de/inf/ki2015

DFG Research Training Group QuantLA

The DFG research training school "Quantitative Logics and Automata" (QuantLA) started in October 2012. This research school is a joint project of Technische Universität Dresden and Universität Leipzig.

One of the new Ph.D. students in QuantLA is the former EMCL master student Oliver Fernandez Gil. He has presented the results of his Master's thesis on "Hybrid Unification in the Description Logic EL" recently and starts now his Ph.D. project in the research training school at Universität Leipzig under the supervision of Prof. Gerd Brewka and Prof. Franz Baader.

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Welcome to the ICCL

The International Center for Computational Logic (ICCL) is an interdisciplinary center of competence in research and teaching in the field of Computational Logic, with special emphasis on Algebra, Logic, and Formal Methods in Computer Science.

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The European Master's Program in CL (EMCL)

You may apply for the European Master's Program in Computational Logic (EMCL), which requires that you spend one academic year at each of two universities. Scholarships are available.

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The International MSc in CL (MCL)

We offer the International MSc Program in Computational Logic (MCL). The ultimate goal of the program is that the best students study with the best experts in the field. It is also a part of the European Master's Program in CL.

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Short TV Feature

We present a video about Wiratna Sari Wiguna, a Computational Logic student. She speaks about her motivation of selecting the course and her experiences of studying in Dresden.

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Video About the City of Dresden

This 4 minute video gives an impression about the City of Dresden.

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